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The purchase of a home or other piece of real estate is a complicated transaction involving banks, realtors, buyers, sellers and numerous other parties. These parties all have different interests to protect and safeguard. A settlement agent is an experienced and impartial third party who ensures that the process is fair and that everyone is protected. As important, the settlement agent ensures that applicable laws are adhered to, documents properly executed, and the closing materials recorded in the local land records office.

Title Insurance

A home is often the most important asset a person will ever own. Numerous problems can surface out of the blue if issues were created over time with prior owners. Easements or other encumbrances, divorce, tax liens, court judgments and innumerable other title issues can result in debts that attach to the property and can seriously impact the value of the property for a new purchaser. Title insurance protects a home purchaser from prior issues that arose years or even decades earlier so they do not need to worry going forward about the value of their home caused by a former owner.

We provide title insurance through Old Republic, a national leader in the industry. Feel free to use our “Get an instant closing quote” Qualia widget for your estimation purposes.

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