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Title Services

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When you engage with Aedis Title, we act as an impartial third party to ensure that applicable laws are adhered to, documents are properly executed, and the closing materials are recorded in the local land records office. We perform the following services in conformance with ALTA Best Practices:

  • Coordinate the closing with the mortgage lender, buyer and seller as applicable.
  • Disburse all funds at closing to the appropriate parties to ensure that all existing liens and mortgages are properly removed from the records.
  • Ensure that borrowers properly execute mortgage documents.
  • Ensure that the closing was performed in accordance with the mortgage and title companies requirements, and record all new documents with the proper governmental agencies.
  • Review all documentation for the closing to ensure proper conformity.
  • Conduct all closing follow-ups through the issuance of the Title Insurance Policy(ies).

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